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Domestic Violence Resources

DVRN National Sponsors include:

Nat’l Resource Center on Domestic Violence

[a project of the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence]

Phone: 800-537-2238 Fax: 717-545-9546

1. proactively support the work of national, state, and local DV programs;

2. emphasis on increasing organizational responsiveness to needs of under-served communities;

3. provides training and technical assistance.

3 Programmatic Goals
enhance safety and justice by fortifying the established foundation;

B. inform and influence institutional and societal response and effect social change;

C. identify emerging research and policy issues, shape agendas, and assist actors in the field

Battered Women’s Justice Project (BWJP)

Phone: 800-903-0111 Email: Web:

1. provides training and technical assistance and resources on DV related to: civil court access and representation; criminal justice response; and battered women’s self-defense issues;

2. assists legal advocates, law enforcement, corrections officers, judges, attorneys (does not handle individual legal cases).

3 Program Components
Criminal Justice Component (Minneapolis, MN): Focus on inter-agency coordination and policy development. Handles requests regarding DV and the military and Native American communities;

B. Nat’l Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women (Philadelphia, PA): Provide resources to support attorneys, expert witnesses, advocates, etc. when battered women are charged with crimes.

C. Civil Justice Component (Housed in the PA Coalition Against DV): Provides leadership to enhance justice in the civil arena by improving battered women’s access to and legal representation in civil court processes (e.g., protection orders, separation violence, arbitration, mediation, confidentiality of shelter records, etc.)

Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence

[a project of the Family Violence Prevention Fund]

Phone: 888-792-2873 Email:
Web: Find the site at

1. provides support to organizations developing a comprehensive health care response to DV in all health care settings. Resources include:
  • resource manuals
  • multidisciplinary screening and identification protocols
  • assistance with training programs
  • network of experts
  • models for local, state, and national programs
  • educational materials for health care and DV professionals

Resource Center on D.V.: Child Protection & Custody

[Family Violence Project of the Nat’l Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges]

Phone: 800-527-3223 Web:

1. identifies and develops model policies, protocols, and programs that are sensitive to the legal and psychological dynamics of child protection and custody cases involving family violence
The Domestic Violence Resource Network is partnered with the National Domestic Violence Hotline which is also funded by HSS. Hotline Phone Number: 800-799-SAFE (7233); Administrative Phone Number: 512-453-8117

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