in the Army -- October 2000
Radio Spots
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Radio Spots

ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY! These 30-second radio spots from last year's campaign were distributed to Armed Forces Radio. Now you can share them in your community, download them for presentations you give, and they are ready for the internet. Get your local domestic violence prevention partners to use them, and let your local radio stations know they are here! You can bring written scripts to the radio station, as well, and adapt them to your local needs.

Listen now!

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    "So Far Apart" (207k)

    "Couples" (206k)

    "Safe At Last" (184k)

    "Could They Have Known?" (191k)


    These are big files for your radio stations. Get them to listen to them on their computers! (will take 10 to 15 minutes to download via modem -- use Right Click to save these files to your computer.) Send us FEEDBACK on which ones you will use.

    "So Far Apart" (2.5M)
    "Couples" (2.5M)
    "Safe At Last" (2.2M)
    "Could They Have Known?" (2.3M)

    PSA Scripts

    You can DOWNLOAD written radio PSA scripts and take them to your favorite station for production

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