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Domestic Violence Prevention Month in the Army - 2002
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peace begins at home

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Dear FAP Colleagues:

Here are the materials for Domestic Violence Prevention Month 2002. Please read the following instructions carefully.

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Please read the following information to help you preview, download and print these resources.

Download your copy of the Installation Commander's Proclamation.

Themes and posters This year's campaign provides two themes and two posters that should fit with any installation's needs. "PEACE BEGINS AT HOME" and "PARTNERSHIP: TOGETHER WE CAN PREVENT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" are our themes for this year's Domestic Violence Prevention Month in the Army.

Our recommendation is that you review the options, and then spread the word far and wide starting in mid-September. You can print multiple copies of the posters and distribute them widely, or you can use your "partnership" network and provide the web address of the posters you want them to print and distribute.

While good quality copy papers will do just fine, we always encourage you to use "Photo Quality" papers which turn out excellent prints "suitable for framing." Your office supply story has a wide selection of papers to choose from. All posters currently available are 8.5 x 11 inches in size -- just right for your inkjet printer, or your color laser printer.

There are two approved themes you can use:
Our focus is on an Army couple seen in the context of the "real world" Army.

A series of "Family Portraits" are used as "window panes" and once again, the context is the "real world" Army.

Please send your comments to: Tom Hanna - Marketing and IT Specialist, Cornell University. We are particularly interested in hearing how you implement the program at your installation, and what other resources you are drawing upon this year to fulfill this part of your mission for Domestic Violence Prevention Month in the Army, 2001.