National Coalition Against Domestic Violence*
  Denver, Colorado
Phone: 303-839-1852
Fax: 303-831-9251


DVRN National Sponsors include:

  • Was organized in 1978 by over 100 battered women’s advocates
  • Is the only national organization of grassroots shelter and service programs for
    battered women
  • Serves as a national information and referral center for the general public, media,
    battered women, agencies and organizations
  • Has a national Public Policy Office in Washington, DC
  • Provides information and technical assistance and promotes the development of
    innovative model programs which address the needs of battered women and battered
    women’s programs
  • Has sponsored seven national conferences on domestic violence
  • Is a sponsor of "National Domestic Violence Awareness Month"
  • Publishes a Domestic Violence Awareness Month manual every two years*
  • Has a teen dating violence resource manual
    * Contact the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Project c/o NRC, 6400 Flank Drive, Suite 1300,
    Harrisburg, PA 17112, Ph. 1-800-537-2238

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Domestic Violence Prevention Month 1999