Domestic Violence Prevention Month in the Army:
October 1999
entry preventing domestic violence


Domestic violence prevention is crucial to the Army mission. It is a mandated part of our Family Advocacy Program, and the regulations that govern family advocacy. Each October, we put a special focus on the prevention of domestic violence in the Army, to remind ourselves that this is a year-round mission.

This year, our theme is "Preventing Domestic Violence: It's Everyone's Duty." It is central to the Family Advocacy mission, which strives to achieve the outcomes of "safety, self sufficiency, personnel preparedness, and community cohesion. " From the Commander's perspective, family advocacy in behalf of domestic violence prevention is the responsibility of every individual at this installation.

Our command commitment to domestic violence prevention is total. We want toprevent it from occurring in the first place, and we will intervene decisively and effectively when it does occur. Our twin slogans for this year's campaign spell it out in a dramatic way: "Prevent Domestic Violence: Preserve Domestic Tranquility". This reflects our conviction that prevention is the best strategy. Many of our mobilizations in the 1990's have been driven by humanitarian concerns, and we have worked heroically to restore peace and tranquility in troubled places around the globe. We are motivated to maintain tranquility in our own family lives so we are always ready and able to serve our country whenever we are called.

"Stopping Domestic Violence: Its Not Just a Good Idea -- It's The Law." This reflects our commitment to intervene when prevention fails, and to use the full weight of our authority to assure that when domestic violence occurs, we will move decisively to stop it from re-occurring. Everyone in this community is responsible for assuring the safety of all who live and work here. Self-sufficiency is only possible when all soldiers and families are strong and adaptable -- positive assets to our Army. The combination of thorough training and having your home life and every part of your life in order is at the heart of what we mean by personnel preparedness. Soldiers, commanders, civilians and families -- all need to be committed to Army life in order to maintain community cohesion. When domestic violence occurs anywhere in the life of our community, it undermines our community and our mission. In domestic violence prevention, community cohesion is a driving force for us to form partnerships with civilian agencies off post -- law enforcement, shelters, advocacy groups, and others.

The bottom line is that "domestic violence prevention begins with me" --and you, and every individual in this community. Our duty and responsibility call on us to succeed in this campaign against domestic violence and in favor of domestic tranquility - it is not just a good idea, it is the law.

To further these ends, I hereby declare October 1999 Domestic Violence Prevention Month at (Name of Installation) and call on every member of this community to join in the campaign for the balance of this year, and throughout the Year 2000.

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Domestic Violence Prevention Month 1999