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Click here for an inventory of public service announcements to assist local radio stations in making your installation a safer community for parents and children. The Radio Campaign was tried and proven in a civilian community of 100,000 population. Every radio station participated, and messages were aired for more than a year -- with over 200 airings every week.

Consistency is one key to success in marketing your prevention messages. Taking 2 or 3 PSA scripts to the radio stations every 8 weeks, all year around, will generate positive support and growing awareness of how important it is to build strong families

Just Copy and Paste! You should be able to copy and paste the PSA's into a word processing document, edit them to fit your installation's requirements, and then print them on your own stationery. If your web browser does not allow copying, then you can try Saving the PSA's or you can Print them and either transcribe the copy or scan it with OCR software.

Take them to your radio stations as they are provided, or change them to meet your local needs. A good idea is to try them out on focus groups of soldiers and families. You may even get ideas for new messages from the groups.

The List of Radio PSA's

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Year-End Holidays: These seasonal PSA's can go to your radio stations at the end of November, and can play through December 31. Here are some useful tips on breaking some of the tension that sometimes surrounds the year-end holidays.
10,000 Promises is a campaign to help communities "count up" all the ways in which individuals and organizations can be more supportive of parents. Set a goal for your community and go for it! (This campaign originated through Prevent Child Abuse New York, spread across the country, and was first introduced Army-wide in Child Abuse Prevention Month, 1995.)
Blue Ribbon Campaign: Started in Virginia, the campaign promotes display of blue ribbons as the symbol of child abuse prevention. Through Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, this campaign has spread far and wide. Some military installations have arranged for allowing the wearing of ribbons during Child Abuise Prevention Month. Other ways to "show the ribbon" are to tape them to posters, tie them on car antennas, stick them on clocks and computers -- any old way you think will catch people's eye. Learn More from the National Exchange Club Foundation website.
Preventing Domestic Violence. While October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month, we think that radio PSA's can help the prevention campaign all year long. Click here for examples built by and for the Army.

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