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Accessing Internet Resources for Shaken Baby Syndrome

The following information will help you tap Internet resources which offer information about Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). These include:

• Two Electronic Mailing Lists (known as "listservs") devoted to SBS issues

• Four Web Sites were selected because of specific SBS resources we found there.

Many of these web sites contain other useful information, in addition to the information about SBS.

Electronic Mailing Lists

SBSpro-L: This is a Listserv for professionals who are looking for information, discussion, and consultation on SBS. It is a relatively new list with a great potential for social workers, medical personnel, JAG and other professionals whose work may include SBS families. Only professionals are permitted to subscribe.

SBS: This is a Listserv designed to provide support to SBS families. Members include SBS family members, SBS service providers, law enforcement, and other interested individuals. It is a busy list, often providing 15 messages per day.

Web Sites

The remaining sites contain resource material on SBS.

• American Academy of Pediatrics

• The Virtual Hospital

• ARC - The Association for Retarded Citizens

• St. Johns University Department of Psychology (Dr. Robert Zenhausern)

These sites also provide information about other pediatric issues and special needs children. The Virtual Hospital’s site also posts a copy of the report A Nation’s Shame, which describes child abuse in the United States, including information about Shaken Baby Syndrome. This report provides an informative context for SBS and child abuse prevention initiatives.

There are cover sheets for each of the Internet resources. Each provides instructions on how to access the resource. The Web Sites instructions include "click streams" which show you how to get to each site. The illustrative web pages indicate what you will see en route.

Recommendation: Once you have tried out these resources, consider sharing the information with other professionals. One-one-one demonstrations might be effective.

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