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Commentary for Shaken Baby Slides

Shaken Baby Slides Set B

Slide 1B. What Can You Do When Babies Cry?

Slide 2B. What To Check

If the baby is sick, call the doctor or clinic. Follow their advice.

If the baby hasn’t been fed in two hours or more, or ate very little at the last feeding, feed the baby.

Burp the baby. Gently pat or rub the baby’s back. Lay the baby across your knees, face down (be sure airways are clear) and rub the baby’s back.

Change the baby. Some babies dislike wearing a soiled diaper, but some don’t care.

Slide 3B. How to Soothe a Crying Baby

Rock the baby. Rocking, especially when accompanied by soft music, helps.

Walk with the baby. Use a carrier and carry the baby close to your body.

Swaddle the baby. Wrap the young infant snugly in a light blanket.

Play some music. Steady beat, some babies like soft music, some like it a little louder. Soft rock and roll is often preferred.

Rub the baby’s back. Keep the baby in its crib, sit alongside and rub the baby’s back.

Give the baby a pacifier. Some babies need to suck longer.

Read to the baby. You can catch up on your reading and the baby won’t know what you are saying.

Leave a soft light on in the baby’s room. Some babies find this comforting.

Take the baby for a ride in the car. Babies usually fall asleep right away.

Slide 4B. If that Doesn’t Work...

Slide 5B. How to Get Help

The best safety strategy is to have an additional responsible person on the scene. Keep in touch with someone, if you feel the stress building. Call a hot-line---or call a friend. It’s better to talk about your frustration than to take it out on the baby.

Slide 6B. Regarding Baby Sitters

Instruct your baby-sitter specifically, and each time she baby-sits, that you want to be called if the baby is crying inconsolably or if she (the sitter) doesn’t think that she can handle the situation. Leave your telephone number, the telephone number of your doctor and "911" next to the telephone, as well as the number of a nearby backup person in the rare case you can’t be reached.

Tell your sitter that under no circumstances is the baby to be handled roughly or shaken to the least degree by anyone.

Slide 7B. When All Else Fails

If all else fails, let the baby cry. The baby won’t get hurt from its own anger. Put the baby in its crib, playpen or other safe place. Find a quiet place for yourself where you can calm down. After checking that the baby is all right, it’s all right to allow the baby to cry. It is important that the baby learn to soothe himself and fall asleep independent of parental presence. Some babies find this harder than others.

A parent or babysitter should check on the baby at intervals, entering and leaving the room quietly. If the baby’s cry changes and there is suspicion of something wrong, intervene immediately.

Slide 8B. Better That The Baby Cry Than The Baby Die.

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