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The Child Abuse Professional Network

Go to http://child-abuse.com/ https://child-abuse.com/capnet_signup.html and join the first multidisciplinary membership subscription service on the Internet!


Since 1995, The Child Abuse Prevention Network has been the pioneer in providing support to professionals using the Internet as the exclusive communication environment.  Now, we are opening the doors to an Exclusive Web Service for Professionals.


We learned from the field.  Over 300,000 people a year – 30,000 unique visitors a month – have been telling us what they need the Internet to do for them. 


Membership Means….


Additional Services Under Development Now!


Even more extensive services will be forthcoming. With this new membership service, professionals now have the ability to guide how we will expand and enhance the already useful resources.


First there was the Child Abuse Prevention Network, being used by professionals in over 79 countries,


Then, The Physician’s Network on Child Abuse and Neglect, a truly remarkable resource for medical practitioners, researchers, and forensic specialists,


Now, a network just for professionals – multidisciplinary, collaborative, private – dedicated exclusively to the people who work in behalf of children affected by – or at risk for – familial abuse and neglect!


Your Charter membership of $100 PER YEAR can make all the difference – to children, to other professionals, to you in your professional role.  Please join us!


Tom Hanna

Director, The Child Abuse Prevention Networks



Phone: 607-275-9360

Cell 607-227-4524