The Endangered Child Network is a collaborative initiative of Cornell University's Family Life Development Center and Life Network Engineering Technologies, Inc. All information provided by this collaboration is covered by copyright and is subject to formal license agreements.


Welcome to the innovative partnership between Cornell and LifeNET, Inc., dedicated to building useful resources for child abuse prevention. We are delighted to invite you to join us as a Beta Tester for EC-Net. To do so, you will need to submit a signed copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

You can Copy   the form, and then either:

 Click on the "Return via e-mail" box, then Paste   the Agreement into the form, and fill in the blanks, and then send it as e-mail (don't worry about the line-breaks), or

 Paste   the form into your own word processing package  (you may need to re-set your page margins to make the text appear properly aligned), then fill in the blanks, then you can print it out, and sign it, and FAX  it to 607-255-8562, or mail  it to Tom Hanna, FLDC-Cornell, 210 Eddy St., Ithaca, NY 14850

Thank you for your interest in LifeNET/Cornell, and our Endangered Child Network.
Please allow one week for notification of your special user ID and password(s) for accessing EC-Net.

Your Host,
Tom Hanna
Program Leader
Child Abuse Prevention Network
Family Life Development Center
Cornell University

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This agreement is made and entered into this () day of () Month , 199() Year between (Your Name) as "Party" and LifeNET, Inc. and Cornell's Family Life Development Center (known herein as LifeNET/Cornell.)

IN CONSIDERATION OF THE DISCLOSING OF CERTAIN INFORMATION by LifeNETCornell to Party, the parties hereby agree as follows:

That any information, data and material disclosed verbally, via special access through the Internet, or in writing and designated as confidential by LifeNET/Cornell is covered by this agreement. Party agrees to treat such information as proprietary of LifeNET and Cornell, and agrees to use the same degree of care that Party would use in protecting their own proprietary information.

Party agrees to not disclose any LifeNET/Cornell information to any third party without the written permission and consent of LifeNET/Cornell or its designated representative.

Party agrees not to capture and/or store any information designated by this agreement in any medium, electronic or otherwise.

This agreement shall include all information regarding the software, programs, information databases, information systems, computer network resources, and all plans, descriptions and representations of LifeNET/Cornell, its products and services, any prototypes, and all data found stored on any Internet server.

This agreement shall be binding upon the partieas hereto and their respective heirs, administrators, successors, assigns, representatives, agents and employees.

Upon a breach of this agreement by Party, LifeNET/Cornell may pursue all legal or equitable remedies available to it and will be entitled to recover its costs, expenses and reasonable attorney's fees incurred in enforcing this agreement.

Party and LifeNet/Cornell agree that the restriction contained herein is reasonable.

Party acknowledges that transmission of this agreement via electronic mail to or to from any electronic address assigned to Party constitutes full execution of the agreement, and bears the same weight as if it had been physically signed by Party and by the LifeNET/Cornell representative who receives such electronic transmission.

Alternatively, Party acknowledges that transmission via FAX to 607-255-8562 constitutes execution of this document.

Once executed, this document is binding upon Party.

Party                                LifeNET/Cornell

Signed by: ()                        Signed by:  Thomas Hanna
Date ()                              Date:
(City, State and Zip)


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